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    Main products in Beston group:

    1. Thrill rides and attraction: giant/big Pendulum/Frisbee rides, chair swing rides, pirate/Viking ship rides, UFO Disco rides, speed windmill rides, top spin rides, jump and smile rides, surfer up rides, rockin’ tug rides, frog hopper rides, Ferris ring car rides, roller coaster;
    2. Spinning rides for kids: carousel rides, bumper cars, swing rides, teacup rides, samba balloon rides, human gyroscope rides, rotary
    octopus rides, fight shark island, happy jellyfish rides, disco tagada rides, spray ball car rides, space walking rides, ocean walk rides, kangaroo jump rides;
    3. Jumping series:
    frog hopper rides, kangaroo hopper rides, kungfu panda rides;
    4. Carousel rides series: luxury/grand double decker
    carousel rides, simple carousel rides, top-drive carousels, imitation top-drive carousels and the bottom-drive or under-drive carousels, mini carousel rides, Fiberglass Carousel, ocean/seahorse carousel rides, Christmas carousels, coin operated kiddie carousel rides;
    5. Train series: trackless trains, backyard
    track trains, miniature track trains, elephant train, ocean themed train, Christmas trains, party trains, mall trains, smiling face train, fiberglass trains, solid wood trains;
    6. Tourist Rides: trackless trains, ferris wheel, kiddie ferris wheel, double face ferris wheel, happy car rides, space walk rides;
    7. Self-Control Rotary Kiddie Rides: self-control rotary/spinning
    plane rides, Self Control Rotary Bee Rides, Kiddie Flying Elephant Rides, Flying Sheep and Bear Rides;
    8. Water park entertainment: water bike, pedal boat, bumper boat etc;
    9. Inflatable series: mechanical bull rides, inflatable bouncy castle, inflatable playground, inflatable slides, bounce house/jumping house, inflatable obstacle course, inflatable twister, inflatable pools, inflatable camping tent, inflatable wedding party tent.

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